Education and some talks during COVID-19

A new name is just a word ‘Corona’. Corona is a global problem. Its far-reaching effects are being noticed in our state, social and family life. It seems that we will have to be crushed for a long time. However, no one can say where it ends at the moment. But before that I came to know a little bit about this corona virus.

On December 31, 2019, signs of a species of coronavirus appeared in the Chinese city of Uhan. The World Health Organization named it COVID. Corona virus refers to a class of viruses that attack animals and birds. The corona virus causes respiratory infections in humans. The symptoms of this infection can be mild, many times resembling a cold or cough. In some cases, it is caused by other deadly viruses, such as SARS, Mars and COVID-19. It varies from species to species. However, no vaccine or antiviral drug to prevent coronavirus infection in humans has been discovered to date. However, the discovery of vaccines is continuing in various ways. However, we are hopeful that we will soon get the news of the discovery of a vaccine against the deadly corona virus.

In Bangladesh, a person infected with COVID-19 was reported on March 6, 2020 and the first death occurred on March 17, 2020.

The government announced the closure of all educational institutions in the country indefinitely from March 16, 2020, citing the severity of the Corona Virus. As a result, the teachers lost direct contact with the students. Social and economic activities are limited to prevent the spread of corona and almost all educational activities are closed indefinitely. Virtually all educational activities around the world fall into uncertainty. In this situation, there is no plan for education. Many wonder how logical it is to talk about education where life-saving activities are not enough. But the real thing is to think about education to save lives. Excluding education, we will never find a future free world, nor will it ever be possible. So it is important for us to have a timely plan for education.

At a time when there is extreme frustration with education during COVID, UCEP Bangladesh authorities have started a new chapter in the education of underprivileged children, which later became known as a role model in education.

Faced with the COVID procrastination and the uncertainty of opening an educational institution, the teachers, on the personal initiative of UCEP teachers and on the advice of the authorities, provide regular use of mobile phones, hygiene, wearing of masks, social distance and regular activity with all students at UCEP schools. Advises to do, take lessons on mobile and watch online classes broadcast on BTV. In this process, every student is contacted at least once a week through mobile tracking.

In order to ensure effective participation of students in education, digital content is created and uploaded through various social media using digital technology and subsequently evaluated on its basis. It is also provided by preparing short syllabus and suggestions.

The Ministry of Education has backtracked on its decision to open an educational institution this year due to unforeseen circumstances and the horrors of COVID. Accepts. In this case, the quality of education is being questioned as the students have passed the next class without acquiring the marginal qualifications of the present class. In addition, a very large number of students are being deprived of education due to the limited number of opportunities available in online based education activities.

But UCEP Bangladesh launched the UCEP Study Center model with the aim of overcoming all limitations and bringing disadvantaged children back to normal education. Which is known as a groundbreaking and courageous step in the field of education in COVID-19 pandemic situation.

The learners at the Study Center of UCEP Bangladesh
Fig-01: The learners at the Study Center of UCEP Bangladesh

One day a week at the UCEP Study Center, under the leadership of a team leader and under the supervision of a teacher, interpersonal communication, exchange of opinions and homework are completed.

Currently, the study center is carrying out assignments sent by the Department of Education and designed by UCEP with the help of teachers in compliance with hygiene rules and maintaining social distance.

The UCEP Study Center model has already received quite a response in the community. A learning environment has been created among the students. They are now preparing and submitting regular assignments at the study center and at home. Parents are also very happy in such a situation because the children are spending some time of the day studying.

Although the reopening of educational institutions has been delayed due to the COVID-19 situation in the near future, I believe that the UCEP Study Center will bring more effective results in COVID-19 education. I am ending this wish by spreading the light of UCEP -all over the country.


Article Written by-

Mohammad Jalal Uddin

Head Teacher, UCEP Bangladesh

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